Monday, March 09, 2009


I was working a bit late today - as usual it seems now days - when my cell phone rang. Dear friends of mine invited me to dinner and picked me up from home. I was so exhausted it was wonderful to be fed good food and be dropped off later at a local grocery store so I could buy the last ingredients for soup.

I made the soup. I have called my Mother to say hi. I have read my blogs and did no homework. I am grateful; need to work on coursework tomorrow. Work continues to be a challenge.

Found out that one my fellow librarian friend's job contract is ending in two months. Sometimes I still feel afraid that I will also lose my job.

I am trying to not be afraid and to trust in God's abundant mercy.

Thanking God for Fr. Stephen's reminder that week two of Lent is a bit less arduous.

I am tired. This time change is good (more light) but hard (going to bed on time).

May God have mercy on us.


Michael Hermann said...

Watch out for rabbits Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing Fr Stephen's post.

Life is a challenge. Course work for my 3 classes, finding work, the future - are all concerns for me. Maybe they are the rabbit that leads me astray from the real work God has for us - working out our salvation. Hum - hard this life of ours is, maybe more so for those who try to Walk the Royal Road.

May God refresh us all, through our spiritual work and enable me to let go of the worry.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the visit, making soup and took a night off homework.

Victoria said...

praying for your continued success (in work and school), as well as peace of mind.

wv: grade

for real!

elizabeth said...

thanks MH - yes. it is hard. the battle is long...

thanks V for your prayers.

crazy wv! i did get a good grade on my last assignment! peace of mind is so crucial and so hard for me to keep...

Lord have mercy...

Pres. Kathy said...

You are in my prayers. We all need a renewed energy during Lent.

E Helena E said...

May God's perfect peace be with you!
Thinking of your librarian friend...prayers for her as well.
Love to you.

elizabeth said...

thank you both for your prayers. they are needed!