Friday, March 06, 2009

Lent, nearing end of Week 1

Very busy week.
Canon of St. Andrew 4 parts, 4 nights.

Presanctified tonight.

Wonderful day off shopping and icon hanging yesterday. Finally had time with friends. Sigh of relief.

Studying and other things today and tomorrow.

Work is still hard and I could use prayer.

Lots going on, it is a bit of a blur. I will not have time for many updates to this blog, as it stands at present. I am thankful it is Lent and will try to do what I can and have the humility to accept what I cannot (i.e. be-a-spiritual-superhero-all-in-one-Lent! type of thing). A balance between doing more, doing what is called for but at the same time being responsible to where I am and my other obligations.

Wishing everyone God's abundant mercy.


E Helena E said...

Good to have these priorities. Continued prayers for the work situation!

elizabeth said...

thank you so much for your prayers - they are needed!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am reflecting upon the first week. Confession tonight will be much needed.
Prayers for you!

elizabeth said...

T - thank you for your prayers. May the Lord have mercy!

Pres. Kathy said...

Lord have mercy!

elizabeth said...

thank you Pres. Kathy.

RW said...

It has been a long first week.
I am thankful for the midweek pre-sanctifieds.

elizabeth said...

yes, thank God for midweek presanctifieds. How much we need God's mercy.

elizabeth said...
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