Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lord have mercy

Read this post earlier today.

I recommend reading the whole post from which I am re-quoting from.

Here's the quotation:

"Do not be deceived. A Christian ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked (I John 2:6) who did not seek his own will (John 5:30), but, was born on straw, fasted forty days, watched in prayer long nights through, healed the sick, drove out evil spirits, had no place to lay his head, and who finally let himself be spat upon, scourged and crucified.

Think how far you are from that. Ask yourself continually anew: Have I watched in prayer a single night? Have I fasted a single day? Have I driven out a single evil spirit? Have I unresistingly let myself be insulted and beaten? Have I truly crucified the flesh (Galatians 5:24), and not sought my own will?

Keep all this freshly in mind.

For what is denying oneself? He who truly denies himself does not ask, Am I happy? or, Shall I be satisfied? All such questions fall away from you if you truly deny yourself, for by so doing you have also given up your will for either earthly or heavenly happiness.

This obstinate will to personal happiness is the cause of unrest and division in your soul. Give it up and work against it: the rest will be given you without effort. "


Way of the Ascetics
By Tito Colliander
Chapter Seven:

I have been blessed by the quotations that Handmaid Leah puts up. God is so good to us in giving us the Church to guide us.


Michael Hermann said...

The way of the Ascetics is a wonderful book Elizabeth. I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you for sharing the quote. It is so true, but it certainly isn't easy.

elizabeth said...

Yes, true but very much not easy. I am looking forward to reading this book - I think - to be honest - it will take me at least two years to get through - as I need to keep up my daily rule before anything else.

Really glad to hear that you enjoyed this book. That means a lot to me. Thanks.