Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big and smaller news

Wow. The OCA has a new Metropolitan. I listened to one of his last speeches before being elevated. I am impressed; I already had a good sense about him through the podcasts on Our Life in Christ, which is also on Ancient Faith Radio. Go here for the archives which has the podcasts of then Fr. Jonah.

This is huge. I rejoice in the hope I see in this change.

On a smaller note, I had a hard day at work. I feel under a lot of pressure right now at work and my house is non/dysfunctional as it is in boxes. The rest I need I do not feel I am fully getting. However, God has truly blessed me in that for the last few nights, I have not woken until 6 am. Before I was having insomnia, nightmares and waking at 3 AM. I pray I can continue in this better way. I have been struggling with exhausting and dizziness for the last few weeks. My previous job, back last Lent, was very overwhelming; I had increasingly strong episodes of dizziness during this time. This returned when I started my new job. It had lessened and disappeared. But now it is back and is very tiring. Until I move, I do not think it will get much better. (Btw I have been to the doctor more than once about this; I am told each time it is a virus and is stress-related).

I need a lot of help from God. Please pray for me.


Victoria said...

I will pray for you. that kind of stress can be so hard on the body.
frederica m.g. speaks of waking up at 3am, and she does the jesus prayer until she gets back to sleep.
hope all is better soon!
especially as the busy season of advent descends upon us!

and thank you so much for those links. I am going to listen to them right now.

RW said...

I will pray too.

elizabeth said...

thank you very much. we are saved together...

Mimi said...


prayers for you, my friend.