Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kathleen Norris

I heard Kathleen Norris speak last night. She spoke well. She signed my books. We even talked briefly.

It was good. I am thankful.


Simply Victoria said...

wow, really? very cool.
where was she speaking and on what?
I'm thinking I have to own a copy of acedia & me. I am really appreciating her thoughts.

elizabeth said...

Yes, I really appreciate her too. I feel that I have gone a different direction, as an Orthodox convert, but i care about and respect Kathleen very much.

Here is from the email about her talk:

Kathleen will speak on Remembering, Waiting and Hoping: The Counter-Cultural Pursuits of Christmas and a new book of great art and reflections entitled God With Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas will be launched.

I am also enjoying her book _acedia & me_.

she spoke on Advent and quoted from her essay in the book and her newest book _acedia & me_.

she is a good speaker and has a naturalness, forthrightness and intensity as a speaker that i really appreciated.

elizabeth said...

oh, and she was the National Gallery here in Ottawa (forgot you asked this part)

RW said...

how great for you.

elizabeth said...

thanks RW; i feel really blessed!

Meadowlark Days said...

Oh! I am so envious! Happy for you.

elizabeth said...

thanks! :) I am still really happy about it...