Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Day

Shameful that all I thought really about Remembrance Day is that if I still worked in Government, I'd have had the day off.

But I did not and was at work.

Some days in library world are better than others. I can tell I am feeling a bit STRESSED and felt frustrated at some of the clients being, well, a tad bit rude. OK, so the Corporate World has PRESSURE but surely we should try to be kind.

However, I am aware that my spiritual Father would view this as a great practical way to work out my salvation: forgive quickly.

Let it go.

An older-wiser person today said we naturally inhale but have to work to exhale. I think I need to learn this a bit more in life.

Meanwhile, today I am researching IKEA furniture. I need to call the phone company - and the competition! Canada phone costs are ridiculous compared to the States other than their long distance. This is usually better, other than for cell phones.

So much to do, and so many mystery books to read!


Simply Victoria said...

aaah. I love ikea.
most of my friends do cell phones rather than land lines. you're right though, canada is so much more expensive. but we have great medicare! :)

elizabeth said...

Yeah, IKEA is great!

the problem with cell phones for me is that there is no proper long distance plans to the States...

Yes, our medicare is better, though still not perfect...

but at least we have something as opposed to the States!