Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had to do some brave things. Or one thing, particularly. I did my first social work lunch. phew. I did not spill that I know of and it went well. At least as well as it could of... I am still learning city and the specific corporate culture that I now work in.

I have days I really like being a librarian. I enjoy the administration (i.e. the running of) the library and doing research.

I am behind on dishes - I admit to being overtired; am worried that I may get sick again. I always was a bit on the fragile side of things.

Am really comforted when I read Fr. Stephen Freeman's blog about the One-Story Universe. It is wonderful to realize (though I usually forget and have to re-realize) that there is a lot of help and protection in this world. That there are Saints and Angels. That Jesus has Grandparents (Sts. Joachim and Anna) and a Holy Mother (the Theotokos, Greek for God-bearer) and that they can pray for and care for us. Of course I would say who wouldn't want Jesus' Grandparents to care for them too!! But it is another thing to realize that these holy Saints can actually pray for us and care for us.

I have been thinking more about Saints Joachim and Anna lately. The Cathedral I go to mid-week has both of them high on a wall in stain glass (it used to be a Catholic church) and I can see them from where I sit... and last week Monday was their day, Old Calendar. I just got a beautiful icon of them for a very close friend, a spiritual sister. Actually she is the first one who introduced me to them...

I am so blessed and I did nothing to deserve it.


Simply Victoria said...

I had forgotten about Fr.Stephen's blog.

elizabeth said...

your welcome!! it is, in my mind, THE blog to read... i benefit often from it!