Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doing Fine, I think

All seems well at the moment. Have chosen a muted green and a light pale blue for wall colours. Am planning on a trip to Halifax for a dear sister's wedding in October - am excited. My first 'vacation' in years, other than home for Christmas, which cannot be underrated!

My job is going okay - I am getting used to it and have had some good days.

I feel like this is a special time in my life - first permanent job, soon to have DV first apartment with living room, a weekend in Halifax DV - I am blessed.

However, I am also aware of the importance of this quotation:

"Life is a precious and unique gift, and we squander it foolishly and carelessly, forgetful of its brevity.

Either we look back with yearning on the past or else we live in the expectation of a future in which, it seems to us, life will really begin; whereas the present-that is, our lief as it actually is-is wasted in these fruitless dreams and regrets."

pg 28, The Diary of a Russian Priest by Alexander Elchaninov

It is significant spiritual struggle for me to learn to live in the present and not only to live in it, but savour it, be aware of it, be thankful in it, no matter what the present brings or reveals.

Lord have mercy.


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Simply Victoria said...

I really appreciate that quote.
thank you.

elizabeth said...

yes. your welcome. it's a really good book...