Monday, November 02, 2015

Books from the sale in Princeton...

Books that we got at the book sale,
including the last which is a first edition.
I actually realized, when reading the plot online, that this late L'Engle book is not one
I have read yet and I can see that it is more in line with L'Engle's 'adult fiction' with
betrayal, drama and such things.
It's one that my husband read years ago and by the end of it,
he felt that L'Engle as a Christian was being put to the test in it,
to paraphrase him.
Well, someday I will read it and have more to think on.


October Rose said...

I don't think I have read that book by L'Engle, either!

author said...

Why would a library get rid of such nice books?

elizabeth said...

author ~ don't know who you are, but there were not library books but books donated to support the library, sold at fair but not the cheapest ever prices.

E Helena E said...

Great finds! I'm not familiar with that L'Engle one either. It sounds intriguing, Love to you.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

All of the lovely books :-D

karen said...

what a wonderful find for you!!

GretchenJoanna said...

Nursery Friends from France! That is a book my grandmother gave me when I was a child. It got torn, and colored in -- I will blame my younger siblings -- but I did enjoy it very much. Then I grew up and had my own children and thought that the content lacked substance and character, and I gave it away.

Then I missed it, in particular one song, so I ordered it used online, and even used an illustration from it for this post

You certainly got a wonderful lot of books to stock your library -- lots to read on these long winter nights!

elizabeth said...

G-J: how lovely!! Yes, I am excited about the books we have been blessed with! :)