Wednesday, November 11, 2015

All things pile up

Stack of wash clothes knitted over the last months

Growing amount of squares for my many coloured blanket 

My treasure trunk is bursting with them...

I've been reading a lot:
Jan Karon books
I've also re-read and read
I've had a lot pile up on me, so much
that I did not even realize that it was a week since I blogged here.
I've not been able to keep up with my blog reading,
so sorry about that.
Just busy, I've been still feeling a bit under the weather, but
I've been taking walks almost daily,
am back to sewing and am trying to focus on this beautiful simple verse:
in everything give thanks.
What are you reading and creating?
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Laura at Beehive Rugs said...

Homecoming looks really good, I will have to read it. Love your box of squares.

deborah said...

Your stacks of knits are beautiful!

I just read Jan Karon's new book last week and LOVED it! I also love the title of Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good. That says so much!

Pom Pom said...

In everything give thanks . . . beautiful. I pray your walks are glorious, full of wonder and His comfort. You have a lot of squares there! Applause!

Donna said...

I hope you are feeling better real soon. That is quite a pile of dish cloths you have. I love it!

Amanda said...

Can't wait to read that book! Thanks for the sneak peek!!

Jeanettebr said...

I hope you feel much better soon. Love the stack of dishcloths!!

Heather said...

LOVE all the washcloths! I have been knitting them as well, trying out fun little patterns that I don't have the patience for in a larger project.

Paula said...

I never read either of those books growing up. I did read 'Jackaroo'. When I saw that you read 'Homecoming' I thought it was the one that 'The Walton's' was based on (my favourite Christmas movie).

Anonymous said...

Love the sweet washcloths. I am hoping to make some after the baby things are finished and the Christmas presents. The weather here is beautiful after a week of rain (seems longer) and I just want to stay outside too.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

<3 the dishcloths and hope you are on the mend now.

Apseed I said...

I hope your plumbing problems were solved and I hope you're feeling better now. And I should say I'm in love with the way you store all your squares. :)

karen said...

sounds like you are a good busy and that is perfect. I hope you continue to feel better :)