Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas in Storefront Windows and the end of it all

These were all taken in NYC,  a week BEFORE Thanksgiving.
I am still at my parent's house.
I gave out wash clothes I knit while here, and am glad to have more time
to spend with my parents; I saw my Grandmother and others today also.
I am glad to see my family....
I have heard two homilies recently of how 
we cannot stop change, we must think about the fact that one day
we too will die - that we here is only temporary and how we must 
be rich towards God.
I am always reminded of that when I visit my family.
I will be 39 years old soon, my parents are retired, all will change....
I find with all the distractions via technology and such,
that it is a struggle to remember God and keep
Christ as the Centre of our lives.
May He help us prepare for His first coming at Christmas
and His second coming which we all await. 


karen said...

I had similar thoughts about those who are not with us and yep, I'm aging. Nice tree spotting :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Lovely trees, but far, far too early to put them up before Thanksgiving!
May your Nativity Fast be richly blessed.