Friday, October 30, 2015

Many beautiful things

A dear friend mailed me this book!
I cannot wait to read it!

Chai tea is always a welcomed treat, with chocolate almonds, of course!

I watched the movie Miss Potter.
It's beautiful of course, very well done.
But I struggled with the mother/daughter friction part, 
I did not have this with my Mother, who is not like the Mother portrayed,
but I was uncomfortable with how Beatrix did not consider her parent's wishes.
It's not that she did not have a reason, perhaps even good, yet, as much as
I enjoyed the movie, I found this to be more tricky than what was portrayed.
I think it's important to have a parent's blessing on things.
I am just not sure what all of this means or the right and wrong of it,
but it disturbed my sense of peace.
The death of her finance left me deeply saddened and shocked,
as I was not expecting it. 
So it was not the movie I was hoping it would be, though of course
much of it was beautiful and the clothes they wore,
if only such class was still with us!

Some fun autumnal meals have been enjoyed!

I was surprised to see roses still in bloom!
We've done our share of walking around
and of having enjoyable meals and cozy times.
I am so thankful for these days.


Maureen E said...

I remember not liking Miss Potter quite as much as I had hoped. BUT I will say that from my personal experience, there are times when a relationship with a parent is so fraught and their own issues are so large that trying to get their approval or blessing can be actually harmful. It's a hard situation, and I don't remember the movie well enough to say that's what happened there, but I do understand why a child might not put themselves under their parent's authority in that way.

elizabeth said...

Maureen, I do appreciate your insight here. Thank you! Yes, I can see that. I think in Miss Potter's case, as portrayed in the movie at least, while the Mother was incorrigible, part of their concern (of her not really being in love) was perhaps misguided but also, at least with the father's view, something that could of been respected. It was in part a willful ignorance on the Mother's part of who her daughter really is. But I found it disturbing my inward peace and that made me be more critical than just believing Beatrix was always right.

Mimi said...

Ohhhh, the book looks good, enjoy

October Rose said...

Beautiful roses!

It has been several years since I saw Miss Potter and I don't remember the plot very well. I think that, while obviously in this fallen world there are times when it's appropriate to act without or against parental approval, this is a *sad* thing, a loss to be grieved. But it isn't often portrayed that way.

My husband converted to Christianity ... not in *opposition* to his mother, but in contrast to her, so to speak. But the fact that her approval, in that decision or in any others, was often either arbitrary or else very misguided ... the fact that the relationship was like that, that SHE was like that, it was a brokenness. Not some liberation from authority like it is often portrayed as in movies.

elizabeth said...

Oct Rose ~ I can hear you here. Yes, this is so sad, a real brokenness. I am so glad that your husband found Christ. And we are still praying for you all...

It is sad in this confused world that there are so many children who are not given a father or a mother who they can actually obey and have a stable life with. Lord have mercy on us and save us!

Come Away With Me said...

That is a wonderful little book - I read it years ago and loved it. There are a handful of books about her family by this author - I've still got and treasure the one about Christmas - Once Upon a Christmas Time. Do look for it if you haven't already read it!

I so agree about the clothes in the Miss Potter movie, and that era in general. Could we start a fashion revolution and bring them back? Well, we can dream, anyway. They were probably terribly uncomfortable!

You are blessed to have a close and good relationship with your mother. It's heartening to know that many people grow up in such a positive and supportive environment even in this day and age. It is far from true for so many others.

I finished the Goudge biography and recommend it very much to any who love her works and want to get to know her and her life and Christian faith. It is very detailed and I, for one, loved it, cover to cover.

elizabeth said...

Come Away With Me ~ thanks!!! I must find that book for sure on Christmas!!!

I think we can at least wear beautiful garments that ARE comfortable than a lot of the things that are so unflattering today!!!

I do hope to read the biography on Elizabeth Goudge one day!!!