Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just a few notes...

My time with my family was wonderful!
Hope to write on that later.
I am still battling a head/chest cold but am hoping to be over it soon.
I've finally had a moment to upload the lessons
for the Sunday School year that have been taught so far,
all of these lessons are written by me, FYI.
I am so thankful I am not the only teacher at my small church,
as there have been various times Mr. Husband and I were unable
to be there in person and stayed local and went to our local church.
1+hour drive to church does that sometimes.
Anyway, the lessons so far are found here.
I am hoping to be fully better soon as I have plans of apple picking
and applesauce making that I hope will come to fruition! 


Lisa said...

I hope you'll feel better soon. :)

Lisa said...

Still praying for you and hoping you are feeling better very soon! :)

Paula said...

Sorry you are still under the weather. Ella's got a bit of a cold too. Though, luckily, she didn't start with a day of puking like she usually does. Dare I hope she's outgrown that? Guides tonight so we'll have to see how she's feeling. That's likely where the germs came from, so we'll return them :)

Take it easy and feel better soon. Hugs

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Get well soon!