Tuesday, October 06, 2015

{Quilting Adventures} ~ Learning a 9 Patch Variation

I learned this in my local quilt guild and sewing classes!
Using pens with ink that disappears with ironing,
three centre lines, 1/4" apart.
Sew on two outer lines....
two squares together, wrong side out on both ends...
when sewn together cut the middle line...
Another way to do this is the just do the centre line
and use the 1/4 guide on the presser foot to made the two
1/4 lines on either side of the centre,
which is the line that you cut to make the two sewn triangles. 

And you have two half triangle squares! 
These were made larger than needed so that after
they could be cut down to size.
I used the strip cutter to do this and messed up on two of them,
forgetting to put them on the 45 degree angle line where
the red and white meet in the middle...
My quilting friend was helping me so she redid these for me,
as I was running out of time!

2.5 inch squares, 8 of them, from measured strips of fabric
sewn together and then cut with a 'strip cutter', inverted
red and white make this cute 4 patch!

I am learning how important ironing before and after sewing 
these is important so that one does not lose
the right dimensions...

Then you put it together, with a centre red piece already cut out
to proper size!
Now I just have to sew it all together
for a very fun quilt block!


Jennifer said...

This is a really interesting variation. I love the red and white, it's very striking.

Mimi said...

Ohhh, fabulous

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That looks complicated to me ....