Thursday, August 06, 2015

The making of a homestyle Sunday Dinner

I began by getting the things for the 
fresh strawberry cream pie

Then I switched gears and prepared the chicken...
ginger-lemon chicken with thyme, similar to this one I did for 
Christmas, when I used sage instead of thyme.

 I used fresh strawberries for the middle of this pie... 

and frozen for the sauce...
there was not as many strawberries, so that was the main 
difference between the 2013 version and this one now, in 2015...

Note to self: use the normal mixer part, not wisk...

I used the double boiler to thaw the frozen strawberries and make the sauce.
While it did not come to a full boil, the sauce was still fine
and worked very well in these two pies...

I must of whipped the cream cheese 9 times! I did not kept track but kept 
adding a spoonful of powdered sugar each time, 
tasting it until it was slightly sweet and whipped to a good amount of softness,
so it was easily spreadable on the fragile crust.
I also had the cheese setting out for at least 2 hours to soften it before
I began. I only used sour cream this time for it, as I did not have
any usable heavy whipping cream... 

The pies worked well and are well enjoyed!
Recipe here.

I made a list of all I needed to do
for the dinner and
set the table the day before.

I find that if I do a lot of prep beforehand,
the day of goes a lot better...
The next thing I need to remember is to,
if possible,
is to wash up the dishes after the dinner party
so that the day after is not so difficult.
One thing at a time!
I do love doing dinners like these.
What I can't fully understand though is why it is such a big deal.
My Mom made Sunday dinners like this with apparent ease
and when I do them, it always seems more involved.
Mothers, they are magical! 


Martha said...

That strawberry pie sounds so good! ♥ I agree with you completely, it's always so fun and worth it, but after prep, and enjoying the meal, clean up is a real chore. I don't like washing dishes. I try to put everything in the dishwasher, if possible!

Paula said...

looks great! When's supper?

Apseed said...

That pie looks so delicious!!
I agree with you that it looks so easy and effortless, when we see how our mothers make something. They are truly amazing!

Heather said...

This looks so good, Elizabeth! And these hot summer days are perfect for pies like this.
ALSO.....I have good news for you!! You are my tea winner on my blog! Just send me your mailing info to audreyeclectic at and I will send it your way!! :D

GretchenJoanna said...

It would be lovely to have my meals at your house.... you can be glad I live 3,000 miles away. ;-)

elizabeth said...

You all are so lovely! And can come to my place for dinner anytime! (Perhaps let me know in advance of course :) )