Monday, August 31, 2015

Some times are just like that

While we were recovering from our
illness that exhausted us,
we ate a lot of soup, healing, nourishing us.
I don't know why things are like they are sometime;
all I know is what I read about salvation is to 
try to bear our sorrows meekly, humbly and without complaint
but instead with thanksgiving.
And that by doing so we will be saved.
I am not good at doing this yet and I pray I will improve...
I was rather heartbroken by not being able
to speak with my husband to my Ottawa spiritual father
like we had all planned on.
It's all I could think of; the sadness of not seeing my 
dear sister-friend, my godson and the rest of them I could not
even bear on top of this...
like not going to our Greek Monastery as planned... 
At least I got to see my friend get married and I am thankful for this.
But coming back home after being so sick,
it was a relief but as we got better,
I found it a bumpy transition; 
I thought by year 3 that it would ease a bit,
but well.  It's still hard.
I am still needing to do so much work to build my new life.
Soon it will be better ~
my sewing class is back in session, the quilt guild
is going to begin again, my quilt-friend is back in town
and I hope to get my sewing machine out.
And take some train trips to Princeton in the fall,
and the like.
It just takes a lot of effort to keep doing the work,
to show up, to keep up with all I am doing.
We are having some special social things soon,
and things will be much more busy.
I do hope to look back at this time
and remember how our friend brought us wonderful
chicken soup, how so many loved us during
our away-from-home-illness and
that God was abundant in mercy....


Paula said...

You need to have a baby! When I moved up here (4 hours from home, though Mom moved here too) I found it so lonely. Especially in the winter when I'd be stuck in the house for days. I just didn't feel part of here. Since having Ella it's changed. I don't know if people see me different or it's just me. This is now MY child's HOME. Home is no longer a far-off place. I think people see me as more part of the community now, not just someone passing through. Does that make sense?

It was hard moving up here. Colin's family have been here 200 years and are such a part of things. I felt like such an outsider. Didn't help that I was looked at as someone from 'Toronto' -which is very much a bad word up here :)

I'm here if you want to chat.

Apseed I said...

Oh, Elizabeth...I can only imagine how it must be hard to be away from your friends.

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

It's very hard, dealing with both illness itself and the loss it caused of so much emotional and spiritual renewal and refreshment at the same time. Wishing you continuing recovery of health and strength. As your lovely photos of gatherings of icons in your home often remind me, and I often need reminding, we are never alone, never friendless.

karen said...

praying for you dear. It's hard starting a new life and becoming friends once again while missing the other ones. Moving is hard and it's a challenge the older we get!