Wednesday, August 05, 2015

4.5 white bathing clothes + The Mysterious Benedict Society

I am still on a 
Christmas making washcloth knitting kick! 
4.5 have been done recently...
I've read a lot of books lately,
including the book
The Mysterious Benedict Society 
I have mixed feelings about this very long kids book.
My impressions (SPOILER ALERT) of the book: 

There's a section of it that flips the nobel 'do not cheat' rule upside down with the kid-heros thinking and being instructed to cheat even though in the end it does not advance their cause.  

(Mr. Husband wonders if that was the point.)

I am wondering if the (actually quite important) questions that book brings about freedom of people to choose and others wishing control of people are ones that kids pick up on.  I am thinking that the author could of unpacked this a bit more.  

(There are more in the series, so curious to find out if they are dealt with later)

And there are parts that are really scary - like a kid being put in dark room with stinky mud and creepy crawly bugs in it.  Really rank.  Other parts too.  

I can see this book as being a springboard for various things for kids to think and talk about:
from fears of being alone, of not being wanted/to evil/to addiction to that which makes one feel good but also leads one to do evil just to feel good/mean kids/scary things/cheating and what that means/spying and the good and evil within it. 

This book had a lot of similarities with two of Madeleine L'Engle book's.
Both themes and even events are in two of her books - Wrinkle in Time and The Young Unicorns.  And L'Engle has more of a moral sense and less vagueness on the many things I found this book introduced but did not give any sense of resolution to. 
So... I guess I am curious to see what the author does with 
all the things that I really feel are not resolved 
and while I do think the book would be better if 
it was edited down and had a greater focus on some of these things,
yet I may read another.
On other topics,
I hope to be sewing again soon - my quilting friend comes Friday 
as she is back from Europe and I hope for more progress then.
I've been reading a lot for Sunday School 
that I am teaching this year. 
I am hoping to focus on three things that all go together...
*Church year, feasts and Saints
*The role of the Holy Spirit in the church (as above)
*Psalm 23/22, the Lord is my Shepherd which will touch
on the character of God, who we are and also 
the church and the Holy Spirit... (see here for more on that)
So lots of work being done creating this! 
I am basically doing the church year from 
the New Year-Pentecost...
So what are you making, reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


karen said...

I was just thinking about making my to knit Christmas list and here you are doing it. I must write one and plan it all out!! I've never heard of that book.

deborah said...

Your washcloths are beautiful!

nocton4 said...

Beautiful washcloths, well done on being so organised, Christmas, oh my ! Xx

Unknown said...

You're better than me with Christmas gifts! I have yet to start knitting for my family.