Monday, April 11, 2011

Well, now I know...

I emailed the company I had an interview

with over two months ago;

got an email back

was such a difficult choice but in the end we did not choose you.


That's why you never even bothered to tell me?

Too bad though as in many ways I would of loved that job.


So I am slowly reading up on things to do another cover letter.


I had a nice time with a friend today.


I must seek at once to try to work hard on job searching

and be patient in the process;

a challenge.


Christ promises to not abandon us...


amy said...

Ugh... the company could have done better than that. I know it's common, but I've always considered it quite rude when a prospective employer cannot even send an email or letter to say thank you for your time in coming in for an interview.

Chin up, I'm sure better opportunities are ahead of you!

I'll be praying †

RW said...

Yes. I agree with Amy. They could have done better.

I continue to life you up. What of more contract work? Any signs of that?

thegeekywife said...

your label "job hunting is not for the faint of heart" is very true.

Again I will ask St Xenia to intercede for you.

Pikku Myy said...

Such poor form on their part - they seem to take ages deciding after interviews as well. No point waiting for companies to have good manners I guess... It's hard to be stressed and peaceful at the same time - I'm gradually memorising M Philaret's prayer (Grant that I may greet the coming day in peace) as I find I need it several times a day! Hello to Cleo; I hope she is purring lots for you these days :)

Athanasia said...

Rule of thumb, if you don't hear from a company within a week following an interview, they have no interest in you.

It irritates me beyond words that companies do not send out letters telling you the status of the position. That is one thing my husband does for any and all positions open and for which he has completed interviews. It is good business sense. One never knows if one will need to revisit the interviewee.

I'm sorry for your dilemma Elizabeth. Job searching truly is not for the faint of heart - as you said.

It may behoove you to follow up with the company to inquire what it was that caused them to choose another person over you. That feedback can be very helpful for future interviews.


elizabeth said...

thank you so much everyone; your words really heartened me!