Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunshine in the midst of it all

Took these pictures yesterday

of the sunshine and blue sky.

These are the 'gingerbread' looking houses that

were snow covered and pictured

from my apartment window these past months.

I am looking forward to seeing flowers and leaves on

the trees.


I am writing cover letters and refining resumes.


I never knew I would feel so unsure of what to do

or what direction to go in.

No one tells you in advance how hard adulthood can be.


We just have to keep walking towards God.

Really, what else is there?


mamajuliana said...

I wish we wold see some sunshine here in Pennsylvania. I have had a lot of rain-except for a respite this past Monday! Nothing is really blooming here yet except for some brave daffodils and an occasional dandy-lion.

I keep you in my prayers. This is the kind of thing that they don't tell you when you are growing up---adulthood is hard and at time very uncertain.

You are right...keep walking toward God!

Have a happy week!

GretchenJoanna said...

I do think what you are going through was the thing I most hated about adulthood! It's very draining to be putting yourself out there and find that you are rejected - again. It means that you have to exert faith, to remember the mercies of God every morning, and that you are "accepted in the Beloved," an eternal welcome and acceptance, glory to God! I am praying for you.

Pikku Myy said...

*Thank you* for sharing that Peg Bracken chocolate cake recipe!It's delicious and I look forward to sharing it tomorrow evening. (But as I hadn't made it before, I had to test it myself first, right?)

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much M-J;

thank you G-J

Thanks Anna!! yay for the cake!!