Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Freeing first step

After some lovely times with

a good friend and her kids

who were unexpectedly visiting;

I have gotten to a better inward space.

I am sure the fun with her almost three year old



I am back again to job searching.

I have had some recovery days now

from my intense last day of work.


I don't know if I will get more contract work,

as much as I loved it.


Meanwhile I need a job.

I have managed to save money so I am not in immediate


But I don't want to get back to this either.

Last November to January's financial crisis,

which God swooped in and saved me from

I would rather not repeat.


I have begun job searching.

I am looking in and outside of Ottawa.

I still may have to move.


Somehow today I have accepted this

(we will see how I feel later on)

and just want to get in what I hope will be a good job

that lasts more than two months.


I don't know yet

but it feels good to start moving on it.


Of course I need prayers.

Job searching is very tiring.

I need a lot of wisdom as I seek to continue

discerning what to do.


Meanwhile here's an old picture of Cleo,

the cute Cat who always wants to eat my food!


Michelle M. said...

Still praying for you!

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

We use Mother Mary and (then Archimandrite) Kallistos Ware's translation of the Festal Menaion for the Canon of the Annunciation,(now reprinted by St Vlad's) but a rather more antiquarian one is online at http://www.st-sergius.org/services/EngMN/03-25.pdf

Very best wishes and prayers for the renewed job search, and a happy Feast of the Annunciation!