Tuesday, May 06, 2008

tired but peaceful

This morning when I was busing to work, and passing over a bridge, the bus stopped. I got to look out on to a river, with apartments, green grass and sunshine. I thought today I need to enjoy the present. i.e. not be thinking only of the future (job etc). I had a fast walk over lunch with colleagues. I had ice cream when I got home. Chapman's Premium French Vanilla. I decided I like it better plain than with cheapy chocolate sauce.

I got a cute pink summer blouse on sale. I got another black shirt at another store (than the one yesterday) discounted and with a sale coupon. I listened to Bach. Held my cat, called my Mom (twice), got a hold of a reference, and researched for my second round interview.

Tomorrow DV I am going to vespers after a meal with a friend who got engaged over Pasca in a small white Greek church in Athens (where the fiance is from). Talk about romantic. ! I will get to see pictures.

Today is St. George Day old calendar!!!! Happy St. George Day!!!! I have a beautiful Icon of him newly placed on my icon prayer wall and I was happy today because it is his day.

Now it is time to rest for the night...

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Mimi said...

Sniff, sniff! Many Years, how exciting!

And, holding the cat and talking to mom always helps me :)