Tuesday, May 13, 2008

another day

A beautiful sunny day, cloudless blue skies... at work i saw sloping lawns and yellow dandelions. beautiful. I am slowly transitioning out of my current job, more every day. I am closing electronic and paper files. I will be calling England nearly every day. There is a certain publisher there, who will remain nameless, who just will not get back to me.

Tomorrow 9 AM EST an interview for a one year term. I have been reading their website tonight. I am a nerd and actually LIKE reading it.

My house is tidy now. I am in the kitchen , but most of my icon candles are lit, waiting for me to retire into the other room.

I figured out that right-clicking on a document ... I can print it without opening it! Handy, as my laptop seems a bit slow these days.

Okay. Back to work...

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