Monday, May 12, 2008

today was good

Work went okay today.
I need to search Google for MEDLINE/Pubmed searching (my interview on Wens is medical related, I am a librarian and use databases).
I had ICE CREAM today.

This weekend the bedroom side of my two room apartment got vacuumed! And laundry was done. And my closet was tackled and I won. I have been waiting a long while to have the time to do just that.

I have begun reading the man in the brown suit. Agatha Christie. I have read it before.

The kitchen side of my apartment is still messy, but I have hope about it.

Okay. Time to make dinner, before all that sugar I ate lets me down...

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Mimi said...

Congrats on the cleaning (if I ruled the world, we'd all have house elves) and whohooo on the ice cream.