Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Phone Calls

I have gotten a cell phone, while I was in Ottawa, for job searching etc (to have an Ottawa phone number). Today I was in my last consumer health class and my phone lit up (it was on silent) with an Ottawa number calling. My heart dropped and rose all at once; of course I could not take the call. I did Google the number and tried the GEDS directory and also Canada411, and double-checked the job agency numbers I am going though, all to no avail. So after class I called them back, left my name and number and invited them to call back and I would be happy to take their call. It was Public Works verifying my address change (they had an old one on file and I was not sure how to change it). So this was good – they have the right contact information – but wow. I was really hoping it was a call for an interview! This waiting, though it is not killing me, it is hard at times.

I have one assignment left and I am packing my house this coming week. My little London church’s feast day is this weekend and the Bishop is coming. I have not met this Bishop yet, and it is strange for me as I plan on relocating to Ottawa in a matter of weeks, Lord Willing and feel my life is at my Ottawa church, which means a different Bishop. Hmmm. My life, it is vaguely complicated I think. Though complications, sometimes, can be fun.

I am doing a lot of trusting and praying about the fact that I do not have a place to live yet for one month’s time and no job yet; just a city I love and a church that feels like home…

(Not that I think moving to Ottawa will solve all problems, actually I am aware that this will not be the case; however I have found a place with good transportation, various friends and a church that has become home).

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