Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Many thoughts, not a lot of time

I have a paper due tomorrow, have not started it yet—I applied for a job that was last minute in posting and it took most of yesterday. I finally got almost all of the bursary that I was promised in June and I am very grateful to God for this. There is so much for me to do right now with job and school stuff.

Overall I am feeling much better than I have since I left Ottawa in May; of course being in Ottawa for 10 days helped! I really felt like I had come home and it was so good to be in my church again. I am anxious to have a job so that I can get an apartment and begin my life in Ottawa in earnest.

I am trusting God as I feel that I cannot do much else than what I am doing now…

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elizabeth said...

update!!! on page 4 of my paper now... have to get to page 6... yea!