Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Here to say

Well. Someday, I say, someday: I will be more grown up than I am right now. I would say Lord Willing [DV] but I believe this is indeed what God is quite willing to do within me. I look forward to this; when I handle stress better, when I can be aware of myself and my needs (being centred) and by so doing (and getting better at it) being able to be more present to others. Perhaps I am mixed up in this, but as of yet I do not think so.

Sometimes I think if I knew what I wanted or needed than I would be quicker to know what I am to do in various circumstances. Of course this only works if I remember what the main goal is – to be untied with Christ.

To be honest I have yet to learn how to do this in my daily life, when I am at school working or worrying; I do pray, sometimes, and beg for mercy, but union with Christ; constant and continual abiding in Him and living in His presence regardless of where I am: wow. I have not even begun.

Lord have mercy and please ‘grow me up!’


Graves said...

Hi, I linked to you off of Spruce Island. Your post reads like a number of conversations I've had recently, about the process (and need) to mature, to grow up.

I also have a long way to go.

elizabeth said...

thanks; yes; it takes a long time, this process...

it is not easy, eh?!