Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ottawa, the city of my heart

How’s that for a sappy title? :) I am going DV (Lord Willing) in a week’s time for a week! And hopefully 2 WEEKENDS. This means being at my church there 2 weekends; very exciting. Happy me! And tomorrow I am getting my hair cut – the group graduation photo is this Monday! I will be there smiling, DV, thinking, I actually made it to this point, amazing!

I have a LOT of work to do meanwhile – I think I have 5 things due in the next 2-3 weeks, which is not tons, but one of the things I am doing is a pathfinder and I will have to find 50 sources for it. (a pathfinder is a research aid on a particular topic, FYI).

And this weekend my parents and brother DV are coming to see my Oma, who is 97, and my Aunt and Uncle and me – we will all stay at my Aunt and Uncle’s place over night; I am very excited about this too. And I will get to see pictures that my mom got developed for me…

So when I am in Ottawa I will be going to different libraries for work/networking. I also hope to go to at least one other job agency—and I am going to get a cell phone with an Ottawa number. Please pray for me – I am really hoping to secure at least a short term contract by September so that I can move into an apartment with my cat Cleo.

I do honestly feel bad that I am leaving my cat for a week. I am getting people to check in on her daily, but I still feel bad. She will really miss me; she missed me like crazy last time.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help my cat – esp. also in August when I will be moving (have no idea what I will all be doing – if I will be going to MI for a bit, when/how I am moving to Ottawa; how I am getting Cleo with me, etc) please let me know…

Meanwhile, I better go photocopy some things for my paper that I am working on that is due this coming week…

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