Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I am working on a cover letter for a position in Ottawa – I had been putting it off – thank God that I realized today that this is the last day to apply. OPPS. I’ve been a bit all over the place…I would have been devastated if I had missed this one!

God has been blessing me – though I do not have any word on job things yet – I have been blessed with a week to pack my belongings and yesterday a good LIS friend of mine sent me an early graduation care package! Wow; it was absolutely perfect – a cozy mystery book, handmade soaps, hand rolled incense, beautiful Indian candle holders (for tea lights), a bath ball (one of those fizzy ones) and a lovely card! I felt loved and noticed – she had each of these things individually wrapped… and it is all so fragrant. Such a lovely surprise. Really encouraging.

Well, back to writing this cover letter. These are never easy to write!!! (And I feel like I am falling asleep sitting here, trying to write it).

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