Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Wednesday Struggles and Joys

The Light Keeper captures the mystery, beauty and power of the oceans, seas and vast lakes. It contains lighthouses that guide and guard the ships and sailors. This is a novel that glories in books written centuries ago to our present, from Tagore to the poems of Mary Oliver. It is a story of friendship, of love, of deep aching questions. It has one of the most mathematically brillant plots I have ever experienced. It is a book that is difficult to put its worth into words. I have read it twice and can't wait to read it again. It is a most beautifully written offering and, if I could, I would send a copy to everyone reading this praise of The Light Keeper by Sherry Shenoda.

I posted this review on my public IG page.


I am working on my writing project again. I like the process of it. I hope to type in a lot of edits tomorrow. 

I have been overtired so resting. 

But I have also been walking a lot more. 

Compared to March when I was very sick 

Yes a HUGE difference there!

I hope I can keep it up. 

All last year was hard and I had less steps. 

Well. That's about all for today. 

May God have mercy on us 🙏 


Martha said...

Sounds like a good book, I'll look for it! What a notable difference for March vs. May!! It's good you've recovered so much.

Gloria said...

I am glad your strength is continuing to grow. I still need to get myself started walking. So much going right now as we prepare for our son's wedding this summer. Not too much me time at the moment, although I did get a chance to work out in the pool yesterday. Praying for your strength and recovery.