Saturday, January 01, 2022

It just began to rain as I sat down to type

 ...and I did not get to type these words after the title until I was interrupted to go finish putting things away...

(from my parent's Christmas tree)

and away we have been, we rented a SUV and drove to Michigan and then Ohio to see both of our families.  My Husband woke in the hotel this morning feeling like he got a cold from swimming in the hotel the night before, the water, he told me, was a bit chilly.  So I drew him a hot bath tonight, and am praying that this is short lived (we can always do checks for the dreaded virus we already have at home tests and other options nearby).  And I made him many cups of tea both this morning and tonight, once we got home... 

Our Christmas is this Friday we were hoping to go for Thursday Christmas Eve and Friday.  Meanwhile, I will sleep on couch to try to avoid contagion.  

I am feeling quite weary tonight and perhaps not the best company, other than it can be nice to share in one's troubles when one's friend is weary too. 

It was strange returning to New Jersey where the o-variant is blooming exponentially and to return to where things are suddenly much worse than else where is a bit surreal.  

It is no wonder we are weary. 

A dear friend is losing her job, everyone on her level is going. There is just so much struggle. 

There is much good of course, we had a good drive today, we listened to Lewis' Dawn Treader and on the way there we finished listening to the Lord of the Rings which was so striking in it's theme of hope and depair, I had not realized this so much as now. It bears remembering. 

Well, we are staying home from church tomorrow, new family rule really: if one is not well, with the pandemic going on, we simply stay home and make sure we don't spread whatever it is. 

I ordered a beautiful teapot, sugar, creamer and teacup: vintage English...will show you once I get it, it is not shipped yet and we sent it to a friend's place that is safer than our areas in term of package theft... The teapot coming is like me hoping for Spring again, for, metaphorically, when we can visit one another again, when I can have tea.  

I do hope that all will be well with us and that my Husband only has a cold.  Don't worry, I assure you we will be VERY careful and we have a very good doctor and medical things quick at hand. 

The good news is that my Husband already has Monday off and so with staying home tomorrow, we can have two very solid days of rest which is part of what is sorely needed right now. 

I am still having some back pain issues so I can't always sit to type, as I don't have an ergonomic writing station as of yet. Something I hope to work on in later January if possible. 

Bless you all.  It's good to be able to write here again. May God save us and have mercy on us!


Granny Marigold said...

I'm sure it was lovely seeing your families, just being together. I hope and pray that your husband feels better soon and that it's just tiredness. Stay well.
Happy New Year!!

Gloriade said...

How nice to be able to travel and visit with family during this holiday season. It was very busy here the whole month of December and I have done no blogging at all! I hope your husband will feel better very soon and that you stay well so you can enjoy the Christmas festivities at your church the end of the week. We have basically been snowed in since Dec. 26th and finally were able to get out and go to church and to do some shopping this morning. Blessings to you Elizabeth.

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, keep your vitamin D levels up. This is worth watching:
and this:
I'm glad you were able to take the trip, though! xo

Martha said...

Having recently moved from a city to the country, I can also note that the sicknesses are much less of a concern here and I'm grateful, but I will keep you and others in urban areas in my prayers.