Friday, July 16, 2021

Briefly Here ~ With Beauty


Yesterday I was at the MET in NYC
and saw great beauty,
including these two icons which I believe were 
from Cyprus 1600s.
They are very beautiful.
(The line between/across Jesus' eyes was just a 
camera/reflection error and is not there in person).
It is nearly Midnight so I can't write much now.
I am going to have family visiting until mid-August so 
if I am not here much on my blog
or don't say much other than post a picture,
it's just that I am soaking up their visit.
God bless and keep you all.
May the Lord's face shine up on us!
May Christ save us and have mercy on us! 


Mary said...
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Granny Marigold said...

You're so fortunate to have family coming to visit. Enjoy every minute!!

Lisa said...

A very long visit for you - wonderful!

Pilgrim said...

Glad you got to go to the Met. It seems like it would be overwhelming.

Enjoy the reunion.

Pom Pom said...

Enjoy that sweet company! Yay!!!

Gloriade said...

I hope you have a lovely visit with your family.

Lisa Richards said...

Enjoy your family time! :)

karen said...

have fun with your family and I do so love the MET, you cannot see everything in one I know I only scratched the surface on my one visit.