Saturday, April 06, 2019

Recovering slowly from the week...

Funny what means the most in a hectic week...
this meal of PB on English Muffin and bananas
(I found it funny that they sliced it for me)
and decaf tea was a real moment that I enjoyed.
Well, I went to the other specialist but do not feel 
confident about the results and will keep
asking questions of my other eye doctors.
I think a lot of us feel that we are just limping along
in these weeks of Lent and are weary.
We are over halfway through now.
I pray that God will help us all. 


Granny Marigold said...

I'm sorry you didn't find this specialist very helpful. Hopefully you will persevere and will find satisfactory answers.

Lisa Richards said...

That does look like a good, simple breakfast! I hope all turns out well with your eyes. Sending up a prayer!

Elizabethd said...

I really do not like peanut butter!
I hope you can get some satisfaction from your eye specialists soon.

Gloriade said...

Oh Elizabeth, I am sorry and will continue to pray that you will receive the answers you seek and have confidence in the doctors you are seeing. Many blessing to you on your Lenten journey.

GretchenJoanna said...

Our bishop was with us this morning and gave the homily. He said the Gospel for today is just right for this stage of Lent, when we can say with the father of the demon-possessed, "I believe, help my unbelief!" We keep going with whatever small strength that we have. God bless you, Dear Elizabeth! These eye appointments and concerns seem to be your podvig this year...