Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sewing~a small baby doll sized panel!~godson's quilt work continues

I am in the process of making a
1 panel sized quilt.
It's my practice panel for doing the quilting on the 
full sized quilt I am making of this and other 'Thomas panels'
for my godson's quilt. 
I was hoping to do some 'swirls' as a design but
I am having issues with the needle and the machine when I try to do so.
My friend is coming over this week and we will try to figure this out,
as she and I have the same machine. 
So meanwhile I used my walking foot to make strait lines
and like how this looks.
For this quilt, I am going to do something like this,
I think it fits in well with the panels and 
gives it a good sense of movement.
And good for a first large quilt.
I am going to try to match up the lines in each panel 
as I think that will look neat and pleasing to the eye.
This 1 panel quilt is practice and is not fully lined up.
I hope to learn to bind it soon and have a finished object!
I am so glad I get to do this!
What are you creating and doing this week?


Mimi said...

It looks wonderful, I'm working on a baby quilt myself for my Goddaughter 's baby.
You may need a darning foot for quilting

Lisa said...

Looks like Cleo is supervising your quilting!

Paula said...

Tim likes to help when I'm cutting out fabric too :)

Pom Pom said...

I bought the fabric for my Easter dress. I hope it turns out (not wonky) and that Granny is brave enough to wear it on Easter Sunday! I like the looks of your cozy house. Cleo looks happy, too!
Happy quilting, good Elizabeth!

karen said...

Love thomas the tank and your godson is going to love it too!!! How nice to have a friend come over to iron out the wonky stuff :)