Thursday, February 18, 2016

about today...

It is sunny today.
Mr. Husband and I did not get much sleep Sunday night + exhausting ride back 
home on Monday + other stuff has left me quite tired and feeling unwell this week.
Mr. Husband is trying new ways, including reading in his armchair,
for preparing for sleep as he, and often I, are not sleeping through the night.
I am hoping to have more time for prayer and reading.
I am always reading 5 or so books at a time.
I have been doing book orders for church and am dedicating more time to
read new books and also old... I am also weeding books from our collection 
that were mine and making room for new books.
One book we just got I can't find! Sigh...
I am dealing with some real but for many reasons unbloggable grief.
I am writing in a journal about it.
I am writing it for myself and because I don't see what needs to be written
anywhere else, so I am writing it.
Ironic to write about 'it' here as i am not blogging about it directly.
But you will just have to trust that I am doing the best
I can and am being very direct and proactive about it.
I do have grief that is easier to write a bit about,
as much as grief is 'easy', as in it is not at all easy,
... we did the first memorial service for Mr Husband's godson
for his birthday which was this past weekend.

The now 7 year old Munchkin who lost his father, my Husband's adult godson,
was there of course for the service, 
the picture above is one of Munchkin's church friends;
one of two brothers, both of whom were there, praying, right with the priest and deacons.
I pointed this out to the Munchkin, that his friends were there
praying with him, for his Dad.
I did my first order from Paraclete Press today,
including some DVDs on grief.
The vigil service was lovely for the Feast this past Monday
and I had some time to talk to the Munchkin about
many things, including confession, which he and others in his 
Sunday School class are going to do for the first time,
that I have been trying to teach them about,
more and more, trying to prepare them.

I am knitting and getting a good amount of new squares to add to the many coloured blanket....

I watched a sweet movie yesterday,
What Katy Did, 
and loved it.
I am devouring the Mitford books all over again 
and find solace in them.
What has your week and day been like?
I know we all have struggles, joys, hopes and beauty in our lives. 


Pom Pom said...

Your squares look nice and spongey. I'm sorry for the loss you are grieving.
The chair looks very cozy! God be with you, Elizabeth.

October Rose said...

Prayers for you and your grieving. And for your sleep! Lack of sleep is so hard.

I too am struggling with largely unbloggable grief, which is the main reason I have not been blogging at all. I am glad you are writing about it elsewhere.

Much love!! <3

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers for you, Elizabeth. May the God of all peace give you strength in His embrace.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for Mr Husband's reposed Godson and for Munchkin and his family.
My prayers also for you and Mr Husband, my dear friend <3

karen said...

I hope you are okay! That photo with your godson's son is precious and heart tugging...prayers to you and your husband.

GretchenJoanna said...

God bless you, Dear Elizabeth. There is so much sorrow and loss in the world, it is often hard to bear joyfully. Do you get outdoors every day to get some fresh air, even if it is cold? I'm glad to know you are writing more than your blog.