Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Busy with many lovely things

Time is a funny thing.
It is long but it is swift
and suddenly there is not enough time
to do everything.
My smart phone, where I take a lot of my pictures,
is not working with my chrome book for downloading pictures,
so even blogging has slowed.
I have been busy working on a pre-Lent book sale,
doing Sunday School things,
Am just getting to take Christmas things down.
The tree is staying this week yet.
I hope to get back to sewing next week.
I had a wonderful tea today with a friend...
pictures later, but for now, these three pictures...

Last week, I think it was,
I finally made crepes for the first time since we moved...
how we just never got to this before now, not sure,
but we enjoyed many fun desserts with them,
just add some French Vanilla Ice Cream and a dusting of cocoa and
one has a delicious dessert! Great with a banana too!

I was looking for a book and ended up rearranging my children's book section.
Much better. I have some more books to add yet, so will have to figure that out,
but am very happy with it.
It also helps as I have Sunday School to think of as well,
and having it rearranged, now all my Sunday School books are
there as well, as I put all my Orthodox kids books together!

And I finally had my first burger and milk shake since before
Was so very yummy!
I had gotten a cold somewhat after Christmas so had cut out
a lot of dairy...so nice to be back to normal now!
How are things going for you, in your corner of the world,
your pocket of sky?


karen said...

I love to rearrange books and move them about and sort them. I should have been a librarian.. That burger and fries looks oh so good and yummy! I've never made crepes!

Lisa said...

Yes, time is a funny thing.