Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beautiful Blue and the World of Little House

I am loving this book, The World of Little House,
which Mr. Husband got me for Valentines day this year.
It took forever to get the blue skein of yarn into the two 
balls of blue yarn you see in the first picture.
I knitted with double thread to make this square extra-squishy and thick.
While I had a long drive home after liturgy on Monday,
it was near white-out snow conditions and I was 
busy making sure Mr Husband had the most ideal 
driving conditions
(water bottle, helping clean the windows, and just watching
and keeping him company as we were both tired) and so
this one lone square done on the drive up is 
what I have to share.
But we got home safely and I am so grateful for it all! 


Becki said...

Your description of your drive home reminded me of wintry trips my DH and I took many years ago (some work-related, some travel to see family). Work does not take him on the road so often and the scattering of my family has meant less winter travel for family holidays so those harried trips are happily tucked into my memory. Your rousing them again made me smile, though.

Martha said...

We had quite the snow on Sunday afternoon...our house blessing was cancelled, and then since we had services for the Meeting of the Lord, it was post-poned further, but finally last night it was done. ♥ That sounds like a good book, I sure love the Little House books.

Apseed I said...

We had the similar weather here last Sunday. And I also try not to knit, while my husband is driving and the driving conditions are terrible.

karen said...

I am glad you made it safely. Those wintry driving conditions are stressful and it's nice to have a buddy in the car keeping an extra eye out. Love your gift of the book :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank God for His angels who certainly surrounded your car. Even in the best of weather I often think about what a miracle it is that more accidents don't happen, when you figure in the huge human error factor, so easily exacerbated by fatigue and weather, etc.

I had planned to set out on a road trip this week, which I had to cancel at the last minute. In the end I was glad, because the driving would have been challenging, over mountain passes in wind and snow! Better to stay here and drink tea. :-)