Saturday, December 20, 2008

Needing Christmas

Well. I can't seem to write the post I want to write. I posted one and took it down later.

This is okay. It will be re-written when it needs to be.

I am down to the last days before I leave for Christmas.

To be honest I am struggling with a lot of heaviness this season. Actually Christmas has been hard for a while.

It is hard to come to terms with my life - I never dreamed I would be living in a city as a single woman with a professional career. Though a lot of those in the blog world struggle with finances while raising children, I still wish I could trade places. Of course it is hard, of course. Life is hard, from what I can tell. But it is hard to be alone too. There is no one to wake up to here, no one to take care of (except my Cleo Cat who we all know I adore), no one to talk to. This can be hard.

But I know, such as it is, that God has given me a lot of what I dreamed for. I have a spiritual father, a job, a good apartment, a lovely cat, pretty things. Not to mention His mercy. The Saints. The Church. I have good friends, who are my spiritual family.

But it is a struggle! A struggle to be a Christian. A struggle to be thankful and not afraid.

One of my biggest fears is that I would gain the good job, apartment, things and feel my life empty. Money does not buy happiness, total security or inward peace or fulfillment.

Of course one would want enough to provide for housing, food, clothes, heat, hot water. One of my family members buys groceries with food stamps. I know money is needed to live here.

But we need family too, community; sometimes it seems that we all get so overwhelmed and busy that it is hard to be there for another. I have been there too many times - feeling so exhausted that I can give very little.

It is hard.

But Fr. Thomas Hopko quotes Fr. Schemman who told us that Christmas comes to us as a gift, we do not come to Christmas.

Lord Jesus, come. We are waiting for You and need You. Come to us on Christmas Day but come also to us now, come. And when You come, may we open our hearts and let You in the barren cave of our soul. Come and bring Christmas to our hearts so that we can go with You to Your Passion, Your Crucifixion and Your Pasca. Come.


Simply Victoria said...

that was beautifully written.
I do sympathize with your struggle. I have friends and family who struggle with the single life, wondering if this was really God's will for their lives, and struggling to reconcile themselves to it while remaining thankful and cheerful.
it is as you say: life is hard, and we all fight a great battle.
May Christ come to you this Christmas season my friend.
prayers and blessings.

Mimi said...

My prayers with you and happy, happy Advent and Christ is Born!

E Helena E said...

I read your post of yesterday and was ruminating on it...look forward to a revised version later.
Sending you love and prayers tonight for this heaviness and aloneness...
A part of our struggles (no matter what our circumstances are) are a dying to self or self-will. It is hard indeed.
Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

elizabeth said...

yeah... i will keep the post... i think i want to make it longer and need a few edits for clarity... i put a lot of myself in the post, so i want to do it really well...

yes, dying to self - very hard.

Thank God for His mercy!

elizabeth said...

thank you V. for your kindness and prayers!

Mimi - also thank you! Christ is Born!!!

Michelle M. said...

I was also able to read your previous post and look forward to reading the edited version.
I have two very close friends who are in the same place in life as you are. One is fortunate to be Orthodox and the other is not. There is such a profound difference between the two. One has HOPE the other does not. I pray that you will experience the hope of this season, especially on Nativity.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Michelle for your words reminder and encouragement.

Yes, we have so much Hope because of Christ...

Meadowlark Days said...

Prayers for you this season.

elizabeth said...

thank you very much K. Blessed Feast.