Monday, July 09, 2007

this post will not let me put a title in the title box. oh well.

i am reading a lot and learning a lot, but i am the type that needs a long time before i can post about it.

suffice to say that i feel challenged and loved at the same time.

the spiritual life is not for the faint hearted, yet i am this and God comes and does not snuff out the smoldering wick.

glory to Your longsuffering, O Lord!

I seek and wish to seek to prepare my heart even now for the Bridegroom and to say, I come Lord, I come.

Lord have mercy...


Mimi said...

The inability to put a title in seems to be endemic these days.

Anyway, challenged and loved - I think that's the Christian life

elizabeth said...

yes; i am noticing... thank you mimi

Stacy said...

it's a blogger thing... every time it happens to me i click in the box it won't let me type in and then when it still won't let me type i hit tab. it's worked every time so far. hope it works for you.

elizabeth said...

thanks S - i will have to try this for my next post... :)