Friday, July 27, 2007

Apparently my internet is back

these last two weeks have felt so busy, it is a bit overwheming.

my IKEA shelves are currently sitting in 2 long boxes in my kicthen, to be installed on Monday. which means i have today and Monday off.

i am reading the last Harry Potter book.

i saw a friend and her child yesterday for the first time in nearly 4 years.

another friend is coming up to see me next weekend, and i am really looking forward to this.

i have been exhausted and am glad for the time to rest.

well. as i am in recovery-from-exhaustion mode, i really can't think of much else to say.

other than that i still believe that weakness can be humans' (only) glory - as humility (which is my goal to have someday) is the crowning glory and shows why the Cross is power to those who are being saved; why the meek will inherit the earth... the voices still crying out, Glory to You, O God!

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