Monday, July 16, 2007

look, a title!

okay. so i am not really sure how to title this. or even what to write. one of my good friends commented, laughing at me a little i think, that i am always in inward challenges. that is true i think.

wow, the battles we need to wage within ourselves! Lord have mercy!

well. my apartment is slowly being finished. i ordered two Antique stain bookshelves from IKEA; i have various things to be put up and installed. i have lived in my apartment 9 months now; it is time to finish my little nest - shelves, curtains, the last of the paper icons on my bedroom wall.

i think one of the hardest things of July is that so many of my friends are on vacation. i long to call them and, well they are in Europe, or like my sister, following waterfalls with her husband.

i have moved a lot in my life - in the last 4 years i have moved from BC to the States (home), to London Ontario and then to Ottawa, then back to London and then back again to here. it is a challenge to re-establish a life, a community; even just to re-establish a life within myself that is settled again, is a challenge.

i feel like i am just starting to seek rest and to feel more settled. once and a while i think of last summer, and how hard it was for me. thanks be to God that He gave me the last 2 jobs i have had (one i am in now) and that i was able to return, and seek to be rooted again.

Lord have mercy...


Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy. May your roots flourish!

elizabeth said...

thank you. i am still feeling the aftershocks of it all, to be honest. it takes a long time to feel settled again and i am such a scaredy-cat about things... i really need God's mercy...