Tuesday, June 26, 2007


i got new glass lens today (kept my same frame) and wow. i can see more individual tree leaves; i forget every time what it is like to get new glasses and how there is greater definition to my vision.

i was talking to a cousin of mine today about M. L'Engle's statement that we humans have viewS and God has VIEW. and how we all have so many eyes and see different parts, but with varying vision...

and my cousin commented, it would be like trying to explain to an atom, or a quark what a human body is like...

makes me wonder how much i yet cannot see; and somehow this has to be tied with the humility i know i need, but do not have.

Lord have mercy! and may i add, i am still so happy with the fact that i am a sinner and God loves me.

we often have lots of ups and downs in life, but i feel the best when i can know those two things... (now if i could only remember them more often...)


Mimi said...

It's amazing - I remember in a Sunday School class teaching about the church visible and invisible, and how awe-struck I was.

I am a L'Engle flunky, I've never finished one of her books. Blush.

elizabeth said...

that is amazing;

everyone has the authors who speak to them! it is okay that you have not finished her books; it is either not an author for you or it is not the right time.

for me she was esp important for teaching me things i needed to know in order to get the the next point, which lead the the next, eventually finding myself in the Orthodox church; i think also because a real part of myself is a writer and i am a New England type of person, M L' Engle is of a greater significance to me.