Monday, June 25, 2007

This just in

A few weeks ago I bought a printer/scanner/copier. Today I installed it! This is very exciting. I have been writing a journal for three years and it is almost at 50,000 words now and I FINALLY get to edit it. This is very exciting. The journal is in no way fit to be published, or even seen by others, but I love to write and still have dreams of being a writer, so this is a very significant step for me.

It feels like Christmas, seeing the pages print so easily, on a ‘fast’ printing setting.

For some reason I have to print the pages in backwards order to get them in 1-88 page order – i.e. I have to tell it to print pages 65-45 for it to end with 65 and begin with 45. odd, but at least I figured this out.

My kitchen is now officially my well as my living and dining room :) I am thankful…

I am printing out the last of it now – for those who do not know, 50,000 words in Garamond equals almost 88 single spaced pages of words! I love words… :)

I think the most complicated part now about the fact that I get to edit is that a lot of the pages were written in this past year or so, the most recent written this morning. So the older things I am guessing will be easier to edit than the newer entries, as I have more distance from them.

Either way, this is part of a dream coming true for me… I have not had a printer in nearly 2 years.

Now the greatest challenge, I realise is this: how to edit out idle words, at that how do I edit them out of my daily life…

It feels like saying again “Lord, teach me to pray.”