Thursday, June 21, 2007

varied details of my life

1. i found out that AGAIN the pipe(s) under my sink is (are) leaking. took out all plastic containers with baking and cooking, all cans, bottles of various vinegars and oils. will have to call landlord tomorrow...

2. made a really yummy new meal:

simple version:

Rice - make.

fry together:

Shrimp precooked and thawed
mix veg with beans, peas and red peppers (frozen bag, made in Canada)
sweet and sour sauce

slightly more complex version:

as above, adding to stir fry portion:

a small spoonful of plum sauce,
a little apple cider vinegar,
a little lite salt soy sauce
some red pepper flakes

tasted great!

and fast-friendly

i go to an Old Calendar Church (it was not on purpose, but i am used to it now and find it has it advantages, like having 2 Christmases) and the fast is LONGER than new calendar... ends July 11th...

3. i really need to eat more meals like the one above. really helps my energy levels.

4. my computer at work DIED this morning. and it was brand new! so work was a bit unusual today, as almost everything i do is on my computer...

5. heard pod cast with Fr. Thomas Hopko on Ancient Faith Radio on their pod cast page. really challenging.

i suddenly saw how even the saints greatest feats are NOTHING if hostility, hatred, condemnation of others, judgement are still being done; 1st Cor 13 - if one does not have love, they have nothing.


it was like seeing another layer of how the Orthodox church understands Scripture and handles it so wisely; i am still seeing how the Church i have joined is, well, The Church.

i have a long way to go on this, but...

my spiritual father said two things are good to know:

1. that i am a sinner
2. that God loves me

personally i find this to be quite profound. and a huge relief...

Lord have mercy!


MamaMonk said...

Fun post..thanks for the glimpses in.

elizabeth said...

thanks... i appreciate knowing my blog is being read :)