Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wait no longer: the job has been offered

I wrote the post I just posted this morning. When I went online I had an email waiting for me regarding my references. An hour later I got a call, offering me the one year position!

To summarize: the permanent position I was not feeling at peace with. (I have not to this day heard back from them). I was concerned that this job would be a prolonged stress to me and the other job is the one I felt myself wanting. I even wrote in my journal to that effect this morning. So I talked with my sister, my Matuska, my Grandmother and my Mother.

By the time I talked with my Mother it was to tell her I was going to accept the job. I have since accepted the job on voice mail and email. I have to sign the letter of offer and they hope I will be able to start on this coming Tuesday, May 29th!

We are all relieved. I for one feel tired actually. Relieved and tired. No cloud nine, no euphoria, just thankful, relieved and tired.

Glory to God for His abundant mercy and goodness that He keeps pouring down in and on my life...


Mimi said...

Whohoooooooooooooo! YAY! I found myself praying for you this morning, and now I know why!

elizabeth said...

yes! thank you! God is so good! i went out to do some grocery shopping and as i was walking down the street, i felt even more strongly that i have made the right decision... am relieved!

tamie marie said...

congratulations! good for you! yay!