Friday, May 18, 2007

I am reading...

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson.

It is safe to say that this is going to be one of the best new books I have read this year.

Elizabeth Goudge, who is one of my favourites, is of course near the top of my list... but this newer author is quite something!

Matter-a-fact I think she ranks up there with Walker Percy, who I really need to read more of someday. Not to mention that Annie Dillard is supposed to have a new book out soon...

Other authors I am currently reading or reading about:

*biography of Dorothy Sayers
*Agatha Christie
*May Sarton
*Rod Dreher
*DE Stevenson (Mrs Tim gets a job; England, war time; a happy book)
*a Miss Read book
*got three Elizabeth Goudge books I have not read yet (figured I needed the encouragement)
*Marilynne Robinson (have 3 of her 4 books at home currently)
*Lee Smith
*Josephine Tey

(also Raymond Chandler's letters, and an early book by Anne Marrow Lindbergh, but I own these books and so find I take longer to read them!...just picked them up again)

light fun fiction:

*Laura Childs
*second newest from Mary Higgins Clark

The public library is a great service!

I really do recommend the book Gilead by M Robinson - I find it incredibly well-written and insightful. And wonderfully humbling because the writing is so well-crafted, as if carved slowly out of choice wood, that it puts all that I have written to shame.


Mimi said...

I recently read one of her books, but it wasn't Gilead. But, I hear good things.

elizabeth said...

which book did you read of hers? do tell...!

Mimi said...

Housekeeping. It's quite short and a very quick read - I read the entire thing during one of my son's Baseball practices.

elizabeth said...

right; i have started this one! it is good...