Saturday, April 21, 2007


i strive to be thankful while being overwhelmed. i struggle to not be afraid and then i read how Christ tells His disciples not to fear and brings their boat into the harbour they were heading towards.

in my small but astoundingly loved by God life, i have been granted the friday interview (in a week) for a job i would love. i found out last night i also have a test to see if i will get an interview for another job that i may love too. (though my vote is with the first one). this test is thursday afternoon, my interview friday afternoon. two weeks ago was holy week. one week ago i had a raging head cold. domestically my house is in chaos.

but God is good and abundantly merciful. i am very grateful to those who are praying for me. i know i would of never gotten as far as i have without the prayers of many.

Thanks be to God...

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