Friday, April 13, 2007

all i can say is

that I am striving to be and am thankful. thankful that I tried to learn the French word for Kleenex today - mouchoirs (I forget how to pronounce it already!) - I said it to everyone at work, holding my Kleenex box - I literally went through oh, a box within 3 hours or so. when I do anything, I like to do it well! :)

I am surprisingly happy - happy that my parents are alive (not that they were in danger) - happy that Cleo my Cat is running around - happy that I know how to have a cold in style as it were (think mint tea, nutrigrain bars, the best Kleenex can offer me, no-name VICKS). its great! I even got an Agatha Christie book I may not have read before from the library... and new socks. (handy, having stores on my walk home).

I talked for a good while with my friend Asheya out West and heard her son in the background - a beautiful 15 month old boy!

and I head Pascha songs via ancient faith radio at work.

I am very grateful for a good day, even though, as Madeleine L 'Engle wrote in one of her books, my cold "flourishes".

I am grateful for the time to be quiet and to have to deliberately have to rest. God is good and I so undeserving but yet seeing His mercy.

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