Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the job saga begins - updated!

thanks for the prayers thus far; very appreciated; i called the would-be-new-boss and got some more information (and of course thought of another question to ask after the fact). the interviews are going to start before the deadline! i hope to get my resume and cover letter in by tomorrow if i can -

need prayers for this for sure - so i can at least get an interview...

hope everyone is doing well. it is sunny today in Ottawa!


received this email tonight:

Please advise if you are interested and available for a job interview next Thursday, April 26 or Friday, April 27 and what time(s). I am interviewing some local applicants...

So i apparently i have an interview! i have not even submitted my resume yet! (she knows my boss...)


also significantly: i held a child in my arms tonight. Young John Samuel. i was so blessed tonight. deeply, richly blessed.


Mimi said...

You got to hold John Samuel? I'm so jealous! Sigh.

And, congrats on the interview. Prayers continue.

elizabeth said...

thanks for the prayers.

John Samuel is so special. i was very blessed; i admit it!

prayers in return...