Friday, September 25, 2015

Our travels and time away

Our travels ended up being
a perfect time of those things that give me rest...
being with others who love beauty,
seeing the beauty that dear MamaBird Emma puts
in her home, discussing art, books, beauty,
homemaking, being a woman and loving it...
It came in the midst of some homemaking changes for me,
that began when we hosted the Labour Day Open House Party...
I cleared off our 'Island' counter,
moved the stereo to a small table in the living room,
and reinvented it.
The gift of a pretty glass decanter,
a new blue and white salt cellar and a pretty English tray,
two IKEA white place-mats and an overhaul
of our kitchen drawers
began the change.
I purged my bookshelves of cookbooks that I did not need,
put the new cookbooks up and revisited many old cookbooks.
I have so many recipes to choose from;
I am hoping to do more baking.
Autumn is a very busy time for me, if not the busiest time of the year.
I want to devote more time to baking, cooking, quilting and the 
work I do for my far away church (Sunday School, church book store), as well
as apple-sauce making this year...
and continuing to build my community.... and continue to be stable in
the spiritual life practices that I have as an Orthodox Christian...
This means I may not blog as frequently for a bit; but don't worry
I am just busy trying to set better routines and learn new 
homemaking skills ~ cooking, baking new things,
making new things ~ it seems like it is time...


Lisa said...

It's always good when you get an inner conviction to be something better!

Lisa said...

Enjoy! Time away from blogging (such as I've had recently) is never time poorly spent, at least that's how I feel about it. At least you gave us a head's up, which I guess I should do when life leaves little time for being here in blogland. My daughter and I are making applesauce this afternoon from the blemished apples from our tree! Happy fall to you, dear Elizabeth. :)

Apseed I said...

It was interesting to see your pictures from your trip on Instagram. And I hope you will enjoy making applesauce:)

Nicole said...

Learning new patterns is always refreshing, I think. This season creates a desire in myself to shift in my routines and activities. Enjoy :)

GretchenJoanna said...

It's always a joy to hear about your adventures and expeditions. You do not lack for good ideas for projects, and your readers have the vicarious satisfaction of accomplishing them and seeing the beauty. God bless you!

Michelle M. said...

I'm glad you were able to meet Mat Emma! Isn't her home lovely? It is so beautifully simple. :)