Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Many squares, NYC and The Castle of Llyr

 I went to NYC yesterday!
The real reason was mundane (routine dentist visit)
but I had a lot of fun along the way!
I am getting a much better sense of a small area in Manhattan and 
brought my knitting with me!

I have a small 'treasure chest' at home that is storing my knit squares and
wash clothes.  As you can see, I am slowly amassing them!
The many coloured blanket is going to be really fun to put together!

I am so happy it's Autumn now!
I am looking forward to this season!
And am loving seeing my knitting sitting 'around the house' 
as it were... 

Am reading The Castle of Llylr from Mr. Husband's book collection...
he used to have the whole set but is guessing in one of his
library purges he gave these up 
(if he had kept all his books, we would have an impressive library by now,
but probably no room from anything else, like dishes or clothes! :) 

 Other than this reading, I did a cookbook purge this week.
I am getting ready for that set of cookbooks that I was given recently
and have been having fun reading through various books...
I really hope to make more use of the many cookbooks I have 
and make some special dishes this fall! 
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


Debbie said...

pretty colors on your knitted squares!!!

i did something i may regret and got rid of almost all my cookbooks (i kept my collection of recipe cards). i NEVER use them, use pinterest only and the recipe cards i have saved all my adult life. i recently did a major clean of the kitchen and they went...i didn't look back, it has been years since i have used any of them!!!!

Tracey ~ Clover said...

Part of my family visited NYC this past summer, I haven't been yet, but will one day.I am excited to have cooler weather too.

Your knitting squares look very pretty and the blanket is going to look amazing.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Elizabeth! Your blanket project reminded me of this sweet video:

My husband likes that author, too.

karen said...

you sound happy :) I bet the dentist visit was good, I get anxiety when I visit :/ I love NYC because it's mostly on a grid and I can navigate good enough :) Lovely knitting!!

HazelxJoy said...

I made a blanket just like that when I was at school, it's nice that you can do a little bit here and there, and see it grow into something larger.

elizabeth said...

Karen ~ I am excited that at least part of Manhattan I understand now! It's a big place and I don't know that I could be out in it everyday!

momto5 said...

that is going to be a lovely blanket!!

Rosemary said...

I just reread all the Prydain Chronicles and enjoyed them very much! In fact I found myself moved to tears by the last book especially.

It looks like your knitting is about to burst out of the chest! :)

elizabeth said...

Pom Pom, just watched the video! oh wow, yes very similar really hey! :)

Debbie, if you are not using the cookbooks, then I totally get it! I am trying to use more of what I have in this way as it gets me dreaming of new culinary creations and reasons to have people over! but the internet is great for recipes too!!!

Tracy ~ NYC is great, but it's a city and intense; good to figure out places to rest within it!

Hazel - neat that you did one like this!

Apseed said...

Love your knitting! As for knitting and reading, I'm working on a hat for Varya and slowly very slowly reading Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley on my husband's kindle.

Nicole said...

My friends keep telling me how wonderful Lloyd Alexander is. I need to try out his books sometime! Also, your knit blanket does look like it will be fantastic!

Lucy Bowen said...

Your squares are very colourful, you are going to make a fabulous blanket.